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United Service Agency (USA) began in 1970 by Paul Lee and Herb Schmidt. They created an affiliate program support a broad range of organization and programs from; the whole earth restaurant, the Campus Childcare center, a prison reform project, tenants rights organization, special educational research projects, a proposal for senior citizens/student housing, peer support group for divorced people and many more.

The USA 



Below here are the members of our executive board. We are an organization of 4 members and together we make up for more than any number can perceive.




Nada Miljkovic is a multi-disciplinarian educator, entrepreneur, and artivist (artist-activist). She teaches a wide variety of subjects from entrepreneurship, digital storytelling, and the ethics of emerging technologies. She works with students of all ages . She is a UCSC Lecturer with Continuing Employment and Project Manager for Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development. She is a Filmmaker & Community Activist



Vice President

Toby Corey is the Chief Operating Officer at Cruz Foam. Cruz Foam is a sustainable materials company that developed a highly-scalable compostable foam to replace Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) in the $20b protective packaging market. Corey teaches Entrepreneurship courses (MS&E 178 & 472) in the Management Science and Engineering department at Stanford University since 2011. Corey is a former president of leaders in clean energy services with an IPO and successful Tesla merger. Corey was also the co-founder and former President/COO of worldwide leaders in web development services and successful IPO. 

Eva Miljkovic-Ammann

Eva Miljkovic-Ammann


Eva is an activist, educator, soil activist and avid mushroom forager.

Herb Schmidt

Herb Schmdit

VP Accounts

Herb Schmidt is a Lutheran Campus Pastor Emeritus. Before retirement he served Stanford, The University of Arizona, Tucson, and The University of Calif. Santa Cruz. He has always been active in Social Justice Issues. In retirement he has served the Protestant Church of Bali five times, also as an Interim Pastor in Calif. congregations, and Dean of the Lutheran Congregations in the Monterey Bay. He and his wife Grace have four sons, six grandsons, and one grandaughter. All live in Santa Cruz, Calif. where he continues to be active in local political issues.

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